About us

Our team is dedicated to the achievement and maintenance of interior and exterior designs that stand out by their quality.


Freshly qualified in landscape development and entrepreneur at heart, Pierre Richer founded in 1999, Les Entretiens Pierre A. Richer. In its early days, the company ensured the management and maintenance of green spaces and exterior infrastructures for commercial clients located mainly in the Lower Laurentians’ region.

The company quickly earned its reputation with managers of shopping centres, industrial parks, municipalities and several real estate sectors, thanks to the efficiency, the professionalism of its employees and the extent of its maintenance and servicing programs.

Wishing to build on his expertise in the area of landscaping, Pierre founded in 2013 EPAR Horticulture. This acquisition would allow him to better meet the needs of clients interested by the embellishment of their exterior spaces through creative and lasting green spaces.

Always with the objective to better meet the needs of his clients and to capitalize on the trends in retailing, Pierre incorporated in 2016 Décors Pierre Richer in order to offer conceptual designing and installation of multi-season decor.

A propos Pierre Richer

Today, thanks to its general contractor licence, Les Entreprises Pierre Richer can suggest a complete and built-in service offering to property and commercial managers, in order to maximize the attractiveness of their property and the durability of their infrastructures.

Despite the size of the company formed by close to 80 employees, Pierre Richer insists that it remains at human scale. Concerned about the well-being of the people around him, he is always proud to contribute to the success of his employees, of his business partners and of his clients whom, over time, have maintained their loyalty.

Mission Pierre RIcher


We offer all our clients a dedicated, creative and passionate team in order to create safe interior and exterior designs, that stand out by their cleanliness, the atmosphere they create and their originality.

Our expertise, our equipments and our certifications allow us to offer a «single window» to provide maintenance programs, of servicing and development customized to the specific needs of our clients.

The team is also capable of undertaking any type of work, whether it be construction, renovation or civil engineering.

All our services are part of a sustainable development perspective and with respect to the norms and environmental policy in force.


Following his faith and instinct, Pierre Richer was able to make his enterprise grow by treating his employees, his partners and his clients with a high level of respect and integrity, as well as a proven sense of responsibilities.

It is therefore not surprising that the values which condition the services offered and the actions of the employees are based on:

Human values:

  • Integrity
  • Proactivity and involvement
  • A sense of responsibilities
  • Mutual respect between individuals
  • A fair balance between family and work

Values related to productivity:

  • Creativity and originality
  • The quality of the work done
  • The respect of budgets and deadlines
  • The respect of environmental and construction norms
  • The application of the best business practices

Values encouraging the development of the community:

  • The support of community organizations providing assistance to the youth and those in need
  • Knowledge sharing and volunteer work
  • Financial assistance

The team

A dedicated team, passionate and always striving for excellence


Pierre Richer

Pierre Richer


Yves Fillion CPA, CA

Director of finance - Strategic consultant

isabelle Brown

Isabelle Brown

Controller and director
of human resources

isabelle Brown

Brendon Bédard Richer

Multi-site and exterior maintenance operations supervisor


Myriam Giguere

Geoffrey Boileau

Project Manager - Construction

Myriam Giguere

Normand Dandeneault

Technician - Maintenance

Myriam Giguere

Jean-Pierre Gévry

Technician - Service


Lydia Desjardins

Lydia Desjardins

Operations assistant

Lydia Desjardins

Isabelle Denis

Administrative assistant

Certification and affiliations

Our general contractor licence and the certification issued by the various organizations in the industry of construction allow us to carry out construction work and civil engineering of any scale, with respect to the regulations in force.

Our maintenance programs and servicing of the buildings and the related infrastructures are provided in accordance with the best real estate practices in the industry.

Application social enfants

Social commitment

We put our talent at the service of our community by supporting various organizations and associations to which our enterprise is committed.

We support:

  • Opération Enfant Soleil
  • Fondation Martin Matte
  • Leucan
  • The St.James Drop-In-Center for the help to the homeless
  • The Lionel-Groulx College Foundation

Environmental policy

The protection of the environment and sustainable development are at the heart of our concerns. They dictate our business decisions and our everyday actions.

We promote eco-friendly business practices and contribute in supporting the managers and owners who are looking for methods and means aimed at reducing the ecological footprint of their building.

We promote the best environmental practices by the choice and selection of our products, through our management policy and during the training of our employees.

We promote a healthy living environment by the use of products and equipment having the lowest impact on health, power consumption and the environment.

In practice, we prefer to use:

  • supplies manufactured from recycled fibers
  • maintenance and cleaning products certified and approved NSF, NSFI, UL Ecologo, CRI
  • more energy efficient with low power consumption equipment
  • biodegradable waste bags

Thanks to the implementation of these politics, our clients offer their clientele and their employees a clean and healthy working and business environment.