« Mr. Richer’s team has an excellent eye for detail. Their availability, their openness in finding quick and inexpensive solutions as well as the quality of the work done will have convinced us to entrust them with several special mandates. The particular nature of our field and the types of maintenance necessary require a specialization and an expertise that is not within reach to all contractors. »

– SMART CENTERS -Mrs Sylvie Laporte, Regional real estate director – Holding for eastern Canada

« We can count on the complicity and the dedication of their team as for the maintenance of our shopping centre « Faubourg Boisbriand ». Their team makes sure to deliver a first-rate job in line with our objectives and standards. The attention to detail and their open-mindedness in finding quick solutions and alternatives are efficiently and rigously achieved and this, while relying on their great availability during emergencies. »

- CENTRE CORP -Mrs Lina Séguin, property manager

« For many years, we have enjoyed the benevolent collaboration of Pierre Richer’s enterprises. Whether it be in household care, in overall maintenance or landscape work; Pierre Richer’s team always carries out the tasks which are assigned to them. Their professionalism and their dedication has earned them our respect and we recommend their services without reservation. »

- BENTALL KENNEDY –Mr Raymond Saint-Jacques, assistant director

« Highly qualified, those responsible put the energy needed into their work, are capable of analyzing the different situations carefully and take the necessary initiatives to see to the completion of a project such as the Centropolis. Very available and professional, they are concerned with a job well done and execute it meticulously. »

- IVANHOE CAMBRIDGE -Mr. Jean Daniel Campeau, operating supervisor, Centropolis

« Mr. Richer’s team has an excellent eye for detail. Their availability, their openness in finding quick and low-cost solutions as well as the quality in the work done will have convinced us to trust them, year after year, with several special mandates as well as with contracts requesting first-rate actions because of their particularities. »

- CALLOWAY –Mr. Louis Marc Gallant, senior property manager

« For several years now we have decided to entrust our external image with professionals and that is probably one of the best business decisions that we have made. The clients congratulate us regularly on our decorations. Pierre Richer’s team is a partner of our success! »


« We are really very happy to do business with Pierre Richer’s team for the conception of our winter decor. Our illuminated birch tree is seen from afar, attracts clients and lots of compliments. The picture of our facade often finds itself on social media. Thanks to this wonderful enterprise! »

- PUB LE ST-SAU -Mr. Hugues Néro, owner